Thorben Kastenholz

I'm a postdoc in mathematics at the University of Göttingen working under Thomas Schick. Before that I was a PhD student at the University of Bonn supervised by Ursula Hamenstädt.

I'm mainly interested in geometric and differential topology. To be more precise I'm interested in characteristic classes and understanding fiber bundles. Furthermore I'm interested in understanding the quantitative and geometric properties of a given singular or bordism homology class, like for example finding a surface representative of minimal genus of a second homology class or determining the simplicial volume of manifolds.

Outside of mathematics I'm mostly interested in powerlifting and coding various stuff ranging from simple programs that help with my research, over trying to build a trading bot, to solving the coding puzzles from Project Euler.


Bounded Cohomology of Groups

The lecture will start on the 26th of April. A separate web page will follow soon.
Time: Tue 14 c.t. - 16
Place: HS1
There is a slight chance that the lectures will be streamed/recorded. More information about that will be on the separate webpage


  • The Minimal Genus of Homology Classes in a Finite 2-Complex
    with Mark Pedron
    Preprint: arXiv:2002.08485, to appear in Algebraic & Geometric Topology


Thorben Kastenholz
Mathematisches Institut
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37073 Goettingen, Germany

Office: 204
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